Grinding Technology

Our tool grinding machines allow for the production of a wide variety of tools. Thus, machine capability ranges from finely toothed miniature tools such as, dental and surgical burrs with a head diameter of only 0.5 mm to rotary cutters with a head diameter of 26 mm industrial applications.

To us, flexibility in the grinding technology also means the finishing of complex tools in only one clamping operation (e.g. groove grindings, bevel grindings, chip breaker grindings and face grindings). This allows you maximum flexibility and enables complete machining in only one cycle. Cylindrical grinding operations for blank preparation, neck machining and subsequent tooth grinding complete the grinding program.

Menu-guided, interactive program interfaces with input options of all important tool and machine parameters, such as base form data, tooth form data, tooth spiral data, tooth sectioning, speeds, are all graphically supported, making it possible to design the workpiece according to your individual desires.

Our tool grinding machines are flexible not only in the process itself, but also in their design.

You have special tasks (e.g. special requirements to a grinding program) and are looking for adapted solutions?
You look for a competent partner, who can realize your wishes from the construction up to a finished machine? Consult us – we have the solution you are looking for!