About us

The requirements with regard to “precision”, which we are facing every day, certainly influence our processes, products, and services. “Made in Germany” developed into a quality seal and not into a flaw. Craftsman spirit constantly refined since the early days brought us where we are today: to a quality provider with the best price-performance ratio in a specific market environment, that demands certain “problem solutions”.

„”Quality is, when the customer returns, not the product…”.
By keeping to this motto, the Company Kirner focuses on the intensive exchange of ideas and experience with our customers as partners. A large number of customer wishes were integrated into our products and our production processes. Listening, questioning, understanding, developing solutions and implementing them is our “daily business”.
There is practically no customer who only buys from us once.

We know that what is “good” today will be soon replaced by “better”.
We live this innovation principle which is analogous to evolution. The pursuit of perfection, without losing the sense for the feasible, is our aim.
So it is important to meet the expectations our customers without violating fundamental economic and ethical rules in doing so.

Cornerstones of the sustainable and long-term success are the demand

  • to find the optimum specific solution,
  • to stabilize things which are good,
  • to continuously improve aspects that can be improved,
  • to use trained employees who take personal responsibility for their work,
  • to attract employees who equally possess theory and practice,
  • to offer good service, that means short response time and permanent contact persons,
  • to use manageable company size and clear assignments for prompt response or action,

The largest resource is our employees
Satisfied, motivated employees with know-how and experience as well as outlined self-image ensure our present and future success. Professional expertise from different business fields around mechanical engineering, with subdisciplines, such as

  • construction,
  • automation technology,
  • software development,
  • manufacture,
  • electrical and machine assembly
  • customer service

All this under one roof helps us to meet this demand!.

Quality policy Company Kirner Schleifmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG.

For many decades, the company management and our employees have recognized the importance of high quality.

We understand quality as a result of listening to our customers and implementing their wishes.
This understanding, which has been passed down through generations, motivates us to perform our jobs at a very high level.  We are aware that ultimately, our professional success essentially depends on the acceptance of our products and services. This has a sustainable impact on our quality understanding.