Software for Grinding Technology

“Benefit from our long-term experience in grinding technology and use our high-performance software, in order to be the step ahead of the competition.
High-performance and fully-developed grinding programs allow you to open up the complete spectrum with regards to grinding of different burr versions as well as associated tools.
Our grinding software, for example, the latest development



offers you everything you need for the individual designing of burrs and milling and drilling tools. In exceptional cases, compensating curves can be programmed for particularly tricky tooth designs. This allows the operator to influence axis movements directly and, for example, counteract dynamic problems of the grinding practice this way.

Dental and rotary cutters/Contour cutters
Improved software modules developed by us for the optimal machining of form cutting tools of different geometries and tooth types are available and cover the complete area in an optimal way.





Preforming/Cylindrical grinding
Are literally “rounding” off the KIRNER grinding spectrum!