K 50 R

Tool Testing Station K 50 R

The compact tool testing station K 50 R was developed so that all important geometry data of very small multi-toothed drilling and milling tools, such as, for example, dental cutters, can be checked cost-efficiently, easily and quickly. The measurement of the cutting angle is carried out according to a patented measuring principle, without having to separate the workpieces or making an assessment using a complex 3D-measurement system. In only one clamping operation
– rake angle
– clearance angle
– tooth depth
– spiral angle
– form
– concentric run-out
and, additionally, front rake angle and diameter can be checked and measured.

The high-precision workpiece holder can hold shanks of 1.5mm up to 13mm in diameter.


  • RS 232 interface for data transfer
  • camera
  • interchangeable lens
  • further options upon request