K360 med

Tool Grinding Center
Especially for the “MEDICAL TOOLS”

  • Specially designed modules for Neuro-drill
  • Grinding of blades at bone saws
  • Specially designed machine simulation

Our market known grinding center K360HS was developed further specifically for the medical tools. A setup program guides you step by step through the setup of your work piece. The change of mechanical parts is a „plug and play“. The grinding wheels are measured using a presetter. This meant that the setup time can be shortened to 10 minutes!

With our optimized 6-axis kinematics, many shapes with radii are ground highly effective because of the grinding point is not left. Radii are mapped by a rotary axis.

In our grinding software KIRNER BURRSoft ® a 2D simulation is already integrated. The flute calculation in KIRNER BURRSoft ® produces sharp teeth in the area of the small radius and a very nice transition into the area of the large radius.

All parameters can be adjusted graphically supported individually. The optional 3D simulation creates a very precise model of the removal.